Rhema Bible Church North was founded in 1979, celebrating more than thirty years of ministry. Rhema has become a church that strives for excellence in all it does, whether in music, television ministry, church administration, social responsibility work, or in all the ministries it runs.


Besides a dedicated and full-time team of pastors and administrative staff, there are hundreds of volunteers who give generously of their time and energy to the work of the ministry. 


The scope of outreach at Rhema Ministries covers ministering to the sick, caring for the poor and lonely as well as feeding the hungry. At Rhema Ministries we believe in being a relevant church in today’s world and that means equipping you with the fullness of God’s word.


We want to reach out to the nations and bring God’s word to a lost generation; to spread his love by teaching people to believe, belong and become in Christ Jesus.